Running + Tendonitis = Runningitis

Maiden Marathon Finally

5 years ago, I ran my first ever running race - it was the 14k City 2 Surf. Since then I kept thinking and hoping that one day I would run a full marathon.

That day finally came this year, as I finished the Blackmores Sydney Marathon last month. I was planning to do it last year but another bout of achilles injury preventing it.

I finished my first marathon with a glorious time of 5 hours 38 mins. Well ok, maybe glorious is not the right word - but whatever I am so happy and content with it.

Tackling Insertional Achilles Tendonitis

My work colleague had finally managed to convince me to see his physio with regards to my Achilles issue.

Combining information and advice that I got from her, my past experience with Achilles problem as well as my own research from reading books and blog posts, I have finally formulated a battle plan to tackle this achilles tendonitis heads on.

2013 Running Updates

An old friend has come for a visit - well not maybe friend is not the right word, more like annoying acquitance, yep I am talking about my heels inflamation.

But good news is I finally found a shoes that I think will suit me.

The Hunt for the Next Shoes

About 2 months ago, after about a year of abuse, my Nike Free 3.0 has finally given up. There was a tear on the shoes’ upper. I also noticed that that the shoes had lost its form for awhile.

I’m a little bit dissapointed with the longevity of this shoe, especially when my Nike Free v2 is still going strong.

Now on to the subject of getting the next shoes, given that I have been accustomed with Nike Frees - I was thinking of getting another pair of Free 3.0.

Pseudo Paleo

I just read Robb Wolf’s book - The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet. While I don’t think I am sold on the “why” of Paleo, but Rob’s explanation on how the body functions especially on how hormones interact with each other, is really good read.

Blackmore Half Marathon 2012 - Race Report

Few weeks before the race - I had a serious doubt about this race. I was dealing with an inflamed heel two weeks before the race, this has resulted in a less than optimal training.

But it turned out to be the best race that I had this year.

City 2 Surf 2012 Race Report

City 2 Surf 2012 is the most memorable C2S for me thus far - not so much because I had PB’ed by shaving 11 minutes from my time last year, not so much of the gloomy weather - in fact not so much of the race itself but because of what happened after the race.

Training Update - Spring Is Near

Just a random note on how my training has been going for the last few weeks.

For the past two weeks or so - I had been in a funk. I felt tired and sluggish most of the time, consequently my running sessions were fewer and slower. I had to take more day offs just to allow my body to recover - recovery is another thing, it took my body a longer time to recover from the fatigue. I haven’t ran short run slower 6:30 pace for awhile - but last week two of my sessions were slower or close to 6:30.

Thank God, I think I already passed that period. Yesterday, I decided to do a 800 m intervals and it was a good session. It was a nice change to the usual hilly and tempo run sessions.

A side note on the weather: this year, winter is very noticably colder compared to last year and it came earlier, around mid-May. Thankfully it is also finishing earlier, it’s getting warmer now with the average temparature of 18 degrees Celcius. It’ll be perfect weather for the race season in August and beyond.

Body-wise - both of my ankle are quite stiff at times. I am not sure that they are achilles tendon related, the pain is a little bit different to achilles tendonitis pain that I had before. Mentally - I feel that I don’t have the same intensity and drive as before. Distance per month total is my main motivation to get out - the aim this month is to achieve 130km, I’m up to 88km with 12 days to go, I think I can do it.